The comprehensive brand program developed by my team successfully communicated the value of the spin-off company's offerings and told the aspirational brand story that employees and shareholders were excited to be behind – all at a delicate time when the future looked uncertain.
When it came to the visuals, I designed the brand identity system, including the logo, brand guidelines manual, corporate stationary, case study templates, and social media templates. I also advised on brand usage for the new corporate website.
When it was time to launch the spinoff brand and reveal the new name and visual identity, my team helped put on a successful roll-out event that energized thousands of employees around the world about the next era of their company. 
In addition to this brand and identity work, I developed a series of environmental graphics, messaging, and executive statements, which successfully showcased the look and feel of the new spin-off brand to attendees in person and via live-streamed event. Spontaneously, the now ChampionX employees created an awesome hand signal in the shape of an X to express their allegiance, enthusiasm, and support.
Within a year, this spinoff company underwent a multi-billion dollar merger with Apergy, resulting in the hybrid identity we see today under the name we developed: ChampionX. Currently, this combined entity has established itself as the most influential production solutions provider globally, now valued at over $5 billion.​​​​​​

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