Hey, I'm Stephanie!
Good to see you here! I am a freelance brand and web designer based in Galveston, Texas.
Throughout my career, I've served as an Art Director and Graphic Designer for various Houston-based marketing agencies. I've successfully led creative teams and managed client accounts across a diverse range of industries such as health, tech, energy, finance, hospitality, and law.

My Vision & Purpose:
I believe that good design has the power to bring people together, inspire change, and create meaningful experiences. I have always been deeply committed to helping businesses and organizations tell their stories through design, finding great pride in creating visual solutions that truly resonate with audiences, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

My Skill Set:
My specialties include but are not limited to: visual identity design, brand strategy, web design, internal corporate communications programs, social media strategy, and creative direction. 
I am a passionate traveler with experience in assisting multinational corporations, including Fortune 500 companies, in achieving their brand and marketing objectives. I am skilled at crafting creative content tailored to diverse target audiences and collaborating with professionals from across the globe.
Today, I am developing new skills in e-commerce, drone photography, and fashion design, but that is another conversation! I am always learning, seeking out new experiences, and challenging myself to be better.

Let's work together!
I love to meet new people + businesses who are on a mission and help make their goals a reality. Let's go! →
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